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NanoXplore is a Montreal-based advanced materials company, the largest Canadian producer of graphene and one of the largest graphene producers in the world. NanoXplore provides customers with graphene-enhanced polymers, including master batches in pellet form, few layer graphene powders, and custom graphene solutions. NanoXplore’s high quality graphene (i.e., high purity, with low defects) is very dispersible, enabling significant improvements with very small amounts of added graphene, typically less than 1% by weight. The company's core technology is a unique, low-cost manufacturing process which produces industrial volumes of high quality graphene from graphite flake using a one-step and environmentally friendly method.

NanoXplore’s ability to tailor the final properties of polymers by adding trace amount of graphene, paves the way for engineering plastics in real world products such as electric motors, electronic packaging, and thermal management solutions. Today NanoXplore is supporting innovators in the plastic, rubber, performance clothing, paint, coating, and energy storage industries, helping to enhance the thermal, electrical, and physical characteristics of customers’ products, while replacing existing harmful and expensive additives. NanoXplore brings together a team of seasoned business leaders and material scientists with the broad industrial experience required to enable customer-specific solutions.

NanoXplore states a 25 tonnes/year current graphene production capacity, low cost graphene manufacturing, 5 patents on graphene production and applications, and two production facilities (45,000 sq. ft) near Montreal, QC.

It is focused on graphene as an additive to plastic resins - with 400 tonnes/year graphene-plastic mixing and compounding line, it fabricates and sells over 5 million plastics parts and assemblies per year.

Group NanoXplore is a public company that trades in the Canadian stock exchange (CVE:GRA).


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25, boul. Montpellier

Saint Laurent,

Montréal, QC H4N 2G3,


Phone : (+1) 514- 935- 1377

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NanoXplore GmbH

An Der Fahrt 5

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Phone : (+49) 162-263- 8032

Company Address: 
25, boul. Montpellier
Saint Laurent
Montreal, QC H4N 2G3
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