NanoXplore announces commissioning of graphene-enhanced silicon and anode active material pilot lines

NanoXplore has announced the successful commissioning of two anode material pilot lines, reportedly achieving remarkable energy density and product validation. The Company called this 'a pivotal moment in NanoXplore’s ongoing commitment to advancing sustainable energy storage solutions'.

NanoXplore’s proprietary silicon graphene technology (SiG™) produced in the pilot line, has achieved an energy density of 1150 Wh/L, and demonstrated compatibility with conventional graphite anodes, resulting in an energy density of over 800 Wh/L. NanoXplore remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of energy storage capabilities using its advanced materials technology. The SiG™ family is supported by 11 patents which cover a range of different chemistries and extend to all cylindrical cell form factors.


The commissioning of SiG™ pilot line was completed in September 2023, marking a timely achievement in line with the Company's strategic goals. The current commissioned capacity is 100 tons per year. The anode material has been successfully validated in 21700 cylindrical cells further emphasizing the adaptability and compatibility of the technology with established cell form-factors.

By leveraging low-cost feedstock, the Corporation ensured cost competitiveness in the market and positioned itself as a leader in delivering high-performance energy storage solutions at an economical price point.

Additionally, NanoXplore announced key highlights of SG-X™ pilot line commissioning, featuring three coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) anode materials. There are three validated and available CSPG products, covering a wide range of performances and applications. This diversity enables NanoXplore to address a broad spectrum of market needs with tailored solutions.

The commissioning of the CSPG pilot line is now completed and can operate with a capacity of 200 tons per year.

Posted: Dec 20,2023 by Roni Peleg