Haydale announces completion of first two stages of low-power hot-water project with Cadent

Haydale has reported the completion of stages one and two of a three-stage low-power hot water project in collaboration with Cadent Gas. Haydale said the project, first announced in February 2022, aimed to address the challenge of providing a low-power water heating solution during interruptions to the gas supply, particularly for vulnerable customers such as the elderly or disabled.

During stage one, Haydale said it identified four specific and detailed user case scenarios where their graphene ink-based heaters could be effectively used across Cadent's network. That initial stage helped lay the foundation for subsequent development work, with building on the findings - stage two of the project - focused on creating an operational pre-product prototype. The prototype showcased Haydale's functionalized graphene ink, which is printed onto flexible heater sheets which were then enclosed within an insulated 3D printed portable unit.


The board said the prototype had the capacity to heat up to five liters of water when placed on a kitchen draining board or surface. Power is provided through a rechargeable battery, making the system efficient and sustainable.  The final stage of the project will further develop the prototype to refine the modelling and design, alongside validating its use in an operational environment including the extension of the design to work in a bathroom/shower setting too. If successful, the potential is to take the project through further stages towards a market-ready product.

“We are looking forward to stage three of the water heater development,” said the Company’s UK sales executive, Emerson Whitworth. “The chance to refine an already fantastically designed product, will give us further scope to add customer friendly features to aid the customer base that Cadent is looking to support with this unit.”

Posted: Jul 14,2023 by Roni Peleg