Haydale logoHaydale Graphene Industries Plc is the holding company for Haydale Limited, Haydale Composite Solutions Limited and Haydale Technologies (Korea) Co., Limited.

Haydale Limited, housed in a purpose built facility for processing and handling nano-materials with an R&D laboratory, is facilitating the application of graphenes and other nano-materials in fields such as inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, composites, paints and coatings. Haydale has developed a patented proprietary scalable plasma process to functionalise graphene and other nanomaterials.

Haydale Composite Solutions Limited (HCS) specialises in the design, development and commercialisation of advanced polymer composite materials on a global basis.

Haydale Technologies (Korea) Co., Ltd, is located in Seoul. This is currently a sales and marketing office managing companies Haydale are working with and who are sampling Haydale functionalised materials.

Haydale supplies graphene enhanced materials direct to customers and through their marketing and distribution partners InVentures (USA) and planarTECH (Far East). R&D materials are available through INSCX™ and the specialist web based supplier, Goodfellow.

Company Address: 
Clos Fferws, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre
SA18 3BL
United Kingdom

The latest Haydale graphene news:

Haydale reports its financial results for FY2019

UK-based graphene developer Haydale announced its financial results for its fiscal year that ended 30 June 2019. Revenues in 2019 were £3.47 million (just a little over the £3.4 million revenues it generated in 2018) and an operating loss of £4.18 million (down from £4.88 million in 2018).

The BAC Mono R enhanced with Haydale's graphene image

Haydale is focused on cost reductions and a new target on revenues and business and it also increased its investments in its US blank tooling business (it announced a US$700,000 order for that today) and its inks and functional capabilities.

Haydale receives funding to develop Airbus-approved space technology

Haydale logoHaydale has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA), which is seeking to develop non-metallic gas tanks for spacecraft propulsion systems in a technology de-risking project.

The demand for small satellite launches has created a challenge within the existing space propulsion supply chain for low-cost reliable components. With the constellation market set to increase rapidly, the development of components that meet these criteria is critical. Haydale's non-metallic system reportedly offers a low-cost alternative with reduced lead time that can be offered in a wider range of configurations to exactly suit the end user requirement.

Haydale and NPL to work together on improving graphene's functionality and applications

Government agency Innovate UK is the sponsor of a 12-month project involving Haydale Graphene Industries and the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) working together on ways to improve the functionality of graphene.

Haydale said it has significantly upgraded its HDPlas plasma technology since it was verified by NPL in 2014 and through the collaboration will gain additional understanding of the surface chemistry of the graphene after functionalization. This can be crucial in tailoring its use for specific needs.

Haydale reports financial results for the second half of 2018

Haydale announced its financial results for H1 FY2019 (six months ended 31 December 2018). Revenues were £1.64 million (up 20% from H2 FY2018 but down 20% from H1 FY2018). Loss before tax was £3.47 million and cash at hand was £0.96 million (Haydale recently announced plans to raise £7.8 million).

Haydale says that it made significant investments to increase its production capabilities at its US Silicon Carbide operation (revenues from US operations were up 10% in H1FY18). Haydale also announced that it sold over 200 Kg of functional ink into the biomedical sensor market and that it has received its first commercial revenues for its graphene piezoresitive inks.