Haydale secures SMART funding to accelerate development of graphene infused heat transfer fluids

Haydale has announced the award of a SMART Flexible Innovation Support Grant ("SMART FIS") from the Welsh Government, to accelerate development of ultra-efficient, graphene infused heat transfer fluids.  This support will assist in the development and proof of concept of scientific innovations, in a commercial setting.

Hydratech, a division of Liquitherm Technologies Group and longtime manufacturer of aqueous-based heat transfer fluids, have been awarded a collaborative SMART FIS to work in partnership with Haydale on the project.


By infusing Hydratech heat transfer fluids with Haydale functionalized graphene, there is potential to maximize thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, and thus significantly increase the efficiency of all fluid-based heating and cooling systems. The resulting graphene-infused heat transfer fluids would be classified as Fluidstate Superthermal Conductors, or FSC's.

Key target sectors intended to benefit from FSC, would be those using domestic and commercial heat pumps, including air source, ground source, geothermal and water source. By increasing the Coefficients of Performance of all heat pumps, the associated users - including and especially domestic households - will benefit from much reduced running costs. I.E., smaller heating bills, whilst significantly reducing greenhouse emissions.

As part of a new innovation strategy for Wales, aimed at supporting Welsh industry by increased investment in research, development and innovation, the SMART FIS funding will enable both companies to accelerate their development of FSC towards market-ready products, with the project totaling £147,221 with a grant value of £73,610 shared between the partners.

Stephen Hickson, MD of Hydratech commented: "We are excited to collaborate and partner with Haydale, who bring a unique material solution to industry wide challenges.  Our range of heat transfer fluids are already widely used, but the development of a more conductive and thermally efficient fluid will be warmly welcomed by domestic, commercial and industrial users alike, and simultaneously support the drive to Net Zero CO2 by 2050."

Keith Broadbent, CEO of Haydale, commented: "This support from Welsh Government will accelerate the development of our technology and processes, particularly for thermal fluid innovation, where we believe functionalized graphene can pave the way for the next generation of energy-efficient heating, particularly in situations where an air source heat pump can be installed in domestic and commercial properties."

Posted: Dec 06,2023 by Roni Peleg