Hermès launches a new watch collection that includes a graphene-enhanced model

The famous fashion brand Hermès has recently launched its new H08 Collection of watches, said to be the "sportiest timepiece series to date", which includes a graphene-enhanced model.

Hermès Launches the Sports-Focused H08 Collection image

The H08 collection consists of three models, each differing in their case materials and strap options, but otherwise featuring the same overall design. The darkest of the group features a graphene-enhanced composite case with a satin-brushed ceramic bezel.

All of the models within the Hermès H08 collection are sold via the brand and through authorized retailers, with pricing staring at $5,500 and ranging to $8,900 depending on the specific model and strap option.

While the brand does not elaborate on the role of graphene in its product, it can be assumed that the graphene-enhanced composite was designed to achieve a robust yet lightweight casing.

Posted: Apr 14,2021 by Roni Peleg