Huvis logo imageKorea-based Huvis was established in 2000, when SK Chemicals and Samyang Corporation established it by combining their advanced technology with state-of-the-art production capabilities.

It is now one of Korea’s biggest producer of chemicals and fiber materials as well as differentiated products. Huvis operates manufacturing plants in Jeonju, China and an R&D center in Daejeon. The company manufactures 760,000 tons tons of fiber materials a year.

Huvis manufactures polyester fibers (Staple Fibers/Filament Yarn) that occupy the biggest market share in Korea, as well as resin, super fibers, and industrial materials. It produces fibers that replace harmful adhesives, Olefin Fiber for Sanitary Materials(OLM), aramid fibers for firefighter apparel, materials for industrial filters, and eco-friendly container materials.

In 2021, Huvis announced mass production of graphene fibers.

Company Address

12F 343, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu
South Korea