India-based Ipower Batteries launches graphene series lead-acid batteries

According to a recent announcement, India-based IPower Batteries has launched graphene series lead-acid batteries.

The company has claimed its new battery variants have been tested by ICAT for AIS0156 and have been awarded the Type Approval Certificate TAC for their innovative graphene series lead-acid technology.


Mr. Vikas Aggarwal, founder of Ipower Batteries, said: "This is more than just a milestone for us; it's a game-changer for the Indian EV industry. As we are all aware, the EV sector has been heavily reliant on costly lithium batteries, with a significant dependency on imports for cells. Our achievement heralds a new era where we can offer a more economical alternative with our 32Ah/C20 lead-acid batteries, weighing just 7.2 Kg." The implications of this achievement are substantial. It will enable Ipower to reduce costs and enhance accessibility of such batteries and use. Additionally, it will not only contribute to the growth of the EV industry in India but also support the nation's vision for self-reliance in alternate energy sources. These batteries are for EV 2-wheeler Ipower Batteries, which has time again come up with innovative solutions to not only drive the EV industry but also has dedicatedly worked on manufacturing world- class battery packs. The company's stealth in the space has been driven by its team of engineers whose pursuit of innovation and excellence has made it possible. This achievement is a testament to the talent and determination of our team".

Posted: Jan 23,2024 by Roni Peleg