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Scotland based Integrated Graphene (formerly known as RD Graphene) is an advanced material supplier who has invented, patented and commercialized a design for manufacture process to produce high performing pure 3D Graphene Foam, Gii, on any surface, in seconds.

Integrated Graphene tailors and enhances Gii for specific applications to enable manufacturers across industries to access pure 3D Graphene Foam and "develop products of the future, today, within each market".

Human diagnostics is the Company's area of focus, partnering with life science organizations to create lab-on-a-chip assays for the point of need, utilizing Integrated Graphene's proprietary Gii-Sens material and in-house concept to commercialization microfluidic IVD development services.

Integrated Graphene is using the Gii process to produce a novel pure graphene supercapacitor, Gii-Cap, to enable fast charging and smart power for product innovators to fulfil global green electrification agendas across limitless applications.

In November 2020, as the company was set to launch its first graphene-enhanced product - the Gii-Sens 3D Graphene Foam electrodes, was when the company also executed its rebranding from RD Graphene to Integrated Graphene. This move was meant to signal the transition from an R&D company to advanced materials manufacturer.

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