Ionic Industries acquires Imagine Intelligent Materials

Ionic Industries has announced the conclusion of a takeover of Imagine Intelligent Materials, including plant and equipment, IP and commercial relationships.

With this acquisition, Ionic intends to become a major Australian graphene player, with a portfolio of advanced nano-technologies covering energy storage and sensing applications. Ionic has paid approximately AUD$600k (around USD$434,000) cash and 30 million Ionic shares.

The acquisition was said to represent a 'win-win solution' for the companies whose technologies share many synergies that will be leveraged to create greater value than either company could achieve alone. The Imagine assets include:
  • 20 granted patents (four patent families) and 31 additional national phase patents filed (12 patent families)
  • Industrial-scale plant and equipment for the 3-stage production of few-layer graphene materials
  • Commercial demonstration plant and equipment for three graphene sensing applications, including smart flooring, geo-textiles and smart conveyor belts
  • A range of laboratory equipment and bench-scale production technologies that will be well-suited to Ionic’s newly established commercial laboratory.

Ionic’s key areas of focus will be:

  • Graphene supercapacitors driving next generation energy and power systems, bolstering battery capabilities and enabling miniaturization of advanced electronics and communications devices;
  • Hybrid energy storage technologies, leveraging the benefits of both batteries and supercapacitors to meet the energy demands of the future that will be impossible with existing battery technologies;
  • Sensing fabrics and textiles for use in smart industrial applications, construction and civil engineering projects. Detecting structural flaws, moisture, stresses and other physical attributes have the potential to realize a truly connected world where extraordinary volumes of data can be used to guide decision-making and create efficiencies that will be critical to the evolution of our built environment.

Ionic announced that it plans to move into the new Mt Waverly facility which will include:

  • Pilot scale production of XP graphene product for supercapacitor and energy storage applications
  • Pilot coating lines for supercapacitor and energy storage device prototyping and process engineering
  • Commercial scale production of the X3 graphene materials for sensing applications
  • 2 commercial laboratories set up to accelerate the translation of university born technologies into real-world manufacturing environs
Posted: Mar 14,2022 by Roni Peleg