KB Element

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KB Element started with the technology needed to control static electricity and particles which are catastrophic in semiconductor and display processes.
Based on this technology, the Company says it succeeded in the mass production of ‘Non-oxidized Graphene’.

KB Element explains that 'Non-oxidized graphene' is 2-dimensional graphene created by exfoliating the graphite layer of carbon atoms one by one, using the physical method. Skipping an additional chemical process, it keeps the intrinsic properties of graphene without any physical or chemical defect.
Thanks to its excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, non-oxidized graphene can be used in various fields including secondary batteries, supercapacitors, heat dissipation, semiconductor and defense industry.

The Company also developed and provides non-oxidized graphene-based heat-dissipation, electromagnetic-shielding and conductive-polyimide materials.

The Company aims to expand its business in various fields including supercapacitors, inks for electrode printing, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) and reinforced composite materials.

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11, Sinchon 1-ro
South Korea