Kemind and 2DFab update on successful graphene-enhanced corrugated boards project

Italy-based Kemind previously reported the development of new graphene-enhanced glue concepts, that have been applied to its corrugating production process. It was said that the new glue increases production efficiency, reduces costs and improves quality for several of Kemind's corrugated board products. Now, Kemind and 2DFab (which supplies the graphene materials for the project) have updated their satisfaction with the project, stating that Kemigraph® B has been in commercial for several years, and Kemind is continuously buying graphene from 2DFab. 

Corrugated boards - Kemind

By adding graphene to their glue formula for corrugated boards, the global chemical company Kemind has managed to increase production efficiency as well as improve quality for various corrugated board products. Kemind sees great potential in graphene and plans on extending the use of the material in more applications.


Kemind holds the largest market share for chemical concepts for corrugated board products in Italy and is aiming to become one of the biggest players on the European and Asian markets within a couple of years. The company sees great potential in graphene and plans on extending the use of the material by testing it in more applications.

"We are examining how we could use graphene in other sectors and markets, for example in paint, lubricants, and paper production. We have technical meetings with 2DFab every month to study what could be possible. We truly believe we can solve many future problems with graphene", says Paolo Massarutto.

Posted: Dec 06,2023 by Roni Peleg