Kemind's graphene-enhanced glue enables a 30-50% increase in its corrugated board production process

Italy-based Kemind Srl developed new graphene-enhanced glue concepts, that have been applied to its corrugating production process. It is reported that the new glue increases production efficiency, reduces costs and improves quality for several of Kemind's corrugated board products.

Corrugated boards - Kemind

Kemind is using 2DFab's graphene, and the company reports that it is possible to achieve an increase of between 30-50% in the double and triple walled heavy grades production, while energy and glue consumption in single and double walled board grades can be reduced substantially.

2DFab says that Kemind is using the graphene-based glue concepts in commercial production since late fall 2019, and the company is expected to expand the use of the graphene glue in the near future.

Posted: Apr 11,2020 by Ron Mertens