KoreaGraph logo imageKoreaGraph was founded in 2012 in Seoul, Korea, with the aim to become one of the global leaders in the emerging nanotechnology industry fueled by the developments in graphene.

KoreaGraph has built a team which blends physicists, biologist, material scientists, product designers and medical researchers with successful business leaders.

KoreaGraph engages in research, development and manufacturing high-quality and low-cost graphene for a multitude of industrial usages. KoreaGraph has a refined manufacturing process and aims to be the leading supplier of graphene to facilitate nanotechnology and drive industrial innovation around the globe.

The company states that while some CVD processes produce low-quality graphene, it has refined this process to produce high-quality graphene. However, as this technique consumes significant energy and time during the production process, KoreaGraph is only able to produce limited volumes of this CVD graphene. The company says, however, that its basic CVD technique is amongst the most cost effective in the industry.

The limitations of the CVD technique is not simply the process itself, but mainly the use of copper as the substrate. KoreaGraph is experimenting with different types of polycrystalline substrates including nickel, palladium, platinum, iridium and other metallic based foils.

KoreaGraph has also refined the CVD technique by utilizing alternative gases to methane. The company reports 100% coverage of graphene on substrate foils, with high percentages of the most valuable single layer graphene. This technique is likely to be refined further during production, and will significantly reduce the time and energy involved in producing high-quality and low-cost graphene for use in a multitude of industrial application

In addition to production of graphene, KoreaGraph undertakes research into applications of graphene. It is producing various metallic alloys and composite materials and expects to be producing the majority of its graphene output as composite materials. KoreaGraph also reported an interest in graphene for Lithium-ion batteries for fast charging electronic applications.

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Gangnam Building 1321-1 Seocho-dong
South Korea