LayerOne opens Norway’s largest graphene factory

LayerOne has announced the opening of Norway’s largest production unit for advanced graphene materials at Herøya. The company is scaling up production to meet the increasing demand from industries worldwide seeking to improve the performance and sustainability of their products. LayerOne is backed by Aker ASA.

LayerOne plans to expand the production with several larger units in different locations in the future. The aim is to become a globally leading supplier of advanced graphene materials. 


LayerOne is dedicated to transforming the materials industry by leveraging the unique properties of graphene materials for the development of sustainable and innovative solutions that can accelerate the green transition. The company’s unique proprietary production process overcomes the long-standing challenge of scaling up production, making advanced graphene materials commercially available at industrial scale without compromising on quality.

Herøya is one of Norway’s leading industrial ecosystems with easy access to industrial competence and expertise within process chemistry.

“This is a very important milestone for us and a key part in our industrialization strategy. We are committed to driving down costs and discovering new use cases for our products through close collaboration with leading global customers and research institutions. With this approach, I am confident that LayerOne will play a pivotal role in transforming the way we utilize these materials in the future”, says Christian F. Dethloff, CEO at LayerOne. "For LayerOne, Herøya is the perfect place to validate our products and demonstrate the safety of our processes. We are excited to make a positive impact and help address some of the most pressing challenges that society is currently facing" concludes Dethloff.  

"The production plant at Herøya will be critical to validate the quality and scalability of our products and manufacturing processes, while securing sales to early customers. We intend to acquire as much knowledge as possible, to ensure readiness for full-scale production at a fraction of today’s costs", says Filippo Giordanino, Chief Technical Officer at LayerOne. 

Posted: Jun 05,2023 by Roni Peleg