LIGC Application logo imageLIGC Application is an Israel-based producer of Laser-Induced Graphene filters (LIG). LIGC Application is at the forefront of laser-induced graphene commercialization with patented technology. In 2013, laser-induced graphene was first derived from a plastic substrate by Professor James Tour of Rice University, and LIGC has based its work on this technology.

LIGC Application has developed a technology for producing and patterning porous graphene foam using a commercially available laser in ambient temperature. The foam is conductive, flexible, and antimicrobial.

Commercial applications for the company’s technology include air filtration, water purification, printed circuit boards, gas and strain sensors, wound healing, sanitary textiles, hygiene pads, water splitting, fuel cell catalysis, and more.

LIGC currently focuses on Active Air Filtering products that address the need for revolutionary filtration systems as underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In September 2020, LIGC raised $3 Million is series A funding

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