GraphenTech logoNetherland-based GraphenTech was established in 2016 with an aim to become a graphene producer, using technologies developed at several Universities in Europe, Russia and Latin America.

GraphenTech aimed to establish a blockchain-based security system that was supposed to allow it to raise capital and initiate trading in graphene based on its tokens. The company's was planning to do an ICO in October 2018.

Hengli Shengtai (Xiamen) Graphene Technology

Hengli Shengtai (Xiamen) Graphene Technology (associated with Angstron Materials' Dr. Bor Jang) was established in 2016 in Xiamen, China, to produce graphene raw materials and graphene applications.

The Company reportedly had a production capacity of 100 tons of graphene, with plans to increase the production capacity to 300 tons and eventually 5,000 tons in 2020.

Continuum Technologies

Continuum Technologies logo imageContinuum Technologies was a UK-based company that developed graphene-based sensing nanotechnology embedded into fabrics. Focusing on athletic performance enhancement as a use case, Continuum aimed to provide real-time monitoring of biometric and biomechanical health data.

The company is no longer active.

Nanotech Engineering

Nanotech engineering logo imageNanotech Engineering Inc. was a Delaware Corporation located in Aurora, CO, USA.

Nanotech Engineering claimed to have created a thin, lightweight, yet strong graphene-based solar panel that was said to have a 92% rating, as compared to traditional panels at only 20%.