Global Graphene Group (G3)

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Global Graphene Group (G3) logo imageGlobal Graphene Group (G3) develops, sells and licenses advanced graphene materials as well as graphene-enabled technologies for next-generation products such as phones, tires, paints, and electric vehicles.

G3's work on graphene-enabled battery technologies has led to the launch the G3-Fireshield Technology that features graphene-protected cathode materials, a modified separator layer, and a non-flammable electrolyte that together result in a much safer Li-ion battery for consumers.

G3 holds five companies, including Angstron Materials, Nanotek Instruments (which holds the group's IP) and more. In early 2023 it was reported that its Honeycomb Battery subsidiary is set to merge with a SPAC in a $900 million transaction.

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1240 McCook Avenue
Dayton, OH 45404
United States