Global Graphene Group (G3)

Global Graphene Group (G3) logo imageGlobal Graphene Group (G3) develops, sells and licenses advanced graphene materials as well as graphene-enabled technologies for next-generation products such as phones, tires, paints, and electric vehicles.

G3’s work on graphene-enabled battery technologies has led to the launch the G3-Fireshield Technology that features graphene-protected cathode materials, a modified separator layer, and a non-flammable electrolyte that together result in a much safer Li-ion battery for consumers.

G3 holds five companies, including Angstron Materials, Nanotek Instruments (which holds the group's IP), Angstron energy Company and more.

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1240 McCook Avenue
Dayton, OH 45404
United States

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The latest Global Graphene Group (G3) news:

Global Graphene Group launches a graphene-silicon Li-Ion battery anode material

Global Graphene Group, and its subsidiary Angstron Energy (AEC) has developed a new graphene/silicon composite anode material (GCA-II-N) which can increase the capacity of Li-Ion batteries while reducing the battery's size and weight. AEC current market focus is on electronic bikes and consumer electronics, but is also working with Tier-1 electric cars and trucks makers.

Global Graphene Group graphene-silicon anode material
AEC tells us that by wrapping single-layer graphene (or r-GO) around silicon nanoparticles, the volume expansion/contraction of the Silicon during the battery's charge/discharge cycle can be cushioned by the flexibility and mechanical strength of the graphene. The graphene sheets also form a 3D conductive network which ensures good electrical contacts between the Silicon particles and the current collector.

Read the full story Posted: May 14,2019

G3 launches G3-Fireshield Technology, a graphene-based line of components for the reduction of battery fires

Global Graphene Group (G3) logo imageGlobal Graphene Group (G3), the holding company of Angstron Materials and Nanotek Instruments, has announced G3-Fireshield Technology a suite of next generation battery components to dramatically reduce the risk of fire occurrences in EVs, portable electronics, and a range of other devices.

G3 states that this breakthrough is the first of its kind to overcome the intrinsic flammability problems associated with multiple battery material components. G3 explains that a conventional Li-ion battery is made up of three primary components: a negative electrode, a separator soaked in electrolyte solution, and a positive electrode. At elevated temperatures, brought on by mechanical, electrical or thermal abuse, each of these components undergoes chemical and/or structural changes that release energy from the cell in harmful ways.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 18,2018

G3 and Lanka Graphite enter agreement to develop graphene-enhanced products

Global Graphene Group (G3), a holding company for subsidiaries like Angstron Materials, has signed Heads of Agreement with Lanka Graphite, a graphite exploration company. The joint venture entity (LGR 50%, G3 50%) will develop a range of commercial graphene projects.

G3 is reportedly scaling a broad range of commercial platforms of graphene applications in several , areas like energy storage, coatings, and thermal management. Lanka Graphite will supply vein graphite product into the joint venture in addition to assisting with sourcing investment, marketing and administration. G3 proposes to supply its experience in developing IP and research grants, commercialization planning and manufacturing infrastructure.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 19,2017

Experts roundup: on Graphene Oxide for composites

Last month we launched a new feature - Experts Roundup. In this feature we ask graphene professionals to answer a short graphene related question. Last month's question was "will CVD ever be a viable commercial way to produce graphene?" and we got great response to that. Hopefully this month feature will be just as good.

In the growing field of graphene-enhanced composites, especially plastics, how does graphene oxide fit in? Does it have any significant advantages over graphene?

Ian Fuller, VP business development & engineering, Angstron Materials : I would classify graphene oxide as a functionalized graphene nanomaterial. Functionalization, in general, allows for tailored nanomaterials for applications such as polymer nanocomposites. The oxygen-based groups on the surface of graphene oxide often promote coupling between the polymer and the nanomaterial leading to enhanced properties such as strength and quality of dispersion (however, electrical and thermal conductivity are often reduced). Similarly, other functional groups can be added to the surface of a graphene platelet to customize it for a range of applications and polymers.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 19,2016

Angstron Materials' holding company secures $10 million investment

G3 (Global Graphene Group), a holding company for subsidiaries Angstron Materials, Honeycomb Battery and Nanotek Instruments, announced that it has secured the first $10 million of a Preferred Series A investment from Western & Southern Financial Group, with conditions for a second close of an additional $13 million for a total $23 million Series A investment with Western & Southern as the sole investor.

G3 is engaged in commercializing graphene raw materials, and graphene-enabled applications including nanocomposites, thermal interface materials, and advanced batteries. G3 is headquartered in Dayton with operations in Asia.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 20,2016

Angstron Materials sets up new company and reveals plans to revolutionize the graphene market

Angstron Materials has announced the establishment of a sister company called EnerG Nano, that is looking to invest around $20 million to open a production facility in Miamisburg. The company has picked a developer and a site at the Mound campus, but is still working to line up investors and incentives before making a commitment.

It seems that the plan is for Angstron to sell graphene to EnerG Nano, which would use it to make energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries. To boost production, Angstron is ramping up for a more than $1 million expansion that would more than double its space, according to an economic grant application. The investment would go toward purchasing a nearby 26,000-square-foot facility as well as renovations and equipment.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 31,2015

Angstron Materials secures $5 million to expand business and commercialize key products

The U.S-based graphene materials producer and applications developer Angstron Materials announced securing $5 million in capital to increase manufacturing capacity for its single and few-layer graphene materials and bring key technologies to market.

The company began seeking Pre-Series A funding in late 2014. According to the company, the investment partner (only named as a "key player in advanced materials and consumer electronics") brings extensive business and industry expertise to the table, along with a portfolio of major customers and collaborators.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 29,2015

Angstron Materials teams with Stryke Industries to accelerate graphene commercialization

Angstron Materials announced that it has teamed with Stryke Industries to accelerate development and commercialization of graphene products for military and defense applications. The US-based business development firm provides a multi-tiered network of resources, designed to promote economies of scale and shorter lead times for bringing new products to market.

Stryke Industries specializes in identifying and implementing disruptive technologies that can help equip military personnel and provide problem-solving solutions for defense industries.

Read the full story Posted: May 14,2015

Angstron Materials develops thermal foils for smartphones and electronic devices

Ohio-based Angstron Materials has developed a group of cost-effective thermal foil products that can be customized for handheld devices and other products. The company says that its foil sheets have been qualified for use by a major mobile electronics company. Such thermal foils can be used for the technology beneath devices' screens that conducts heat away from internal electronic components and batteries to help maintain optimal performance.

Angstron’s thermal foils are available in a variety of grades. The company states that its foils are thinner than other products on the market and so give manufacturers greater design flexibility than competing methods. Angstron’s foil sheets also can be sourced with equivalent or greater thermal conductivity.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 30,2015

Angstron starts offering graphene-enhanced polymers

Angstron Materials began to offer masterbatches of graphene-enhanced polymers. Those materials offer superior mechanical, electrical and thermal properties - above the base polymer. Angstron can provide the materials in a pellet form or as a strand for use in FDM 3D Printing.

Angstron has a team of composite scientists and engineers that can use the in-house compounding equipment and then masterbatch material to order in a timely manner. Through their industrial partners, also rapidly scale-up nanocomposite compounding to meet industrial demand.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 27,2014