Solidion Technology

Solidion Technology, an advanced battery technology company, aims to address the issue of battery materials supply shortage, driven by anticipated soaring demand for electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS) battery capacities.  Solidion was born out of the merger between Honeycomb Battery Technology (owned by Global Graphene Group – G3) and Nubia Brand International in early 2024. Solidion began trading on NASDAQ (ticker symbol “STI”) on February 5, 2024.

Solidion plans to build a graphite production facility in the Southeast United States with an initial capacity of 10,000 metric tons per annum (MTA) by the end of 2026, which will be expanded to ~180,000 MTA by 2030 to fulfill the growing domestic demand. This US domestic facility will manufacture graphite anode materials primarily from biomass, an abundant and sustainable class of feedstock materials for battery-grade graphite production in North America.

Solidion is also developing a product line for the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS) industries: GCA-SiO, featuring SiOx, chemically treated SiOx, and the innovative graphene-protected SiOx secondary particles. Solidion's production process begins with SiOx powder, a cost-effective material derived by heating a mixture of Si particles and SiO2 (silica) particles. Both feedstock materials are abundant and economically desirable. Solidion takes this a step further by combining SiOx particles with graphene sheets, resulting in the creation of graphene-encapsulated SiOx particles, known as GCA-SiO.

Company Address

13355 Noel Road Suite 1100
Dallas, TX
United States