Log 9 develops ultra-fast charging battery technology for EVs

India-based start-up Log 9 has announced the development of its new graphene-enhanced battery for electric vehicles. Log 9 states its Rapid Charging Battery Technology is capable of fully charging in under 15 minutes and that it has a lifetime of over 15 years of use.

Log 9 unveils ultra-fast charging battery technology for intra-city EVs image

Other claims made by Log 9 include up to 5x power which would help in increased load-bearing capacity and acceleration. Additionally, the Company says that it is 5-times safer than lithium-ion batteries in terms of fire-resistance and impact-resistance. Log 9 says that its new batteries would offer a range of up to 70 kilometers for two-wheel EVs and 60-80 kilometers for three-wheel EVs.

The initial application for the new Log 9 Superlative battery pack is expected to be in intra-city electric vehicles. The company is targeting the B2B last-mile delivery segment of India for the new battery system. Log 9 is said to have partnered with Amazon, Vogo, Shadowfax, Delhivery among others for their last-mile delivery vehicles.

The company is planning to deploy over 3000 vehicles with its Rapid Charging Battery Packs by March 2022. These would include both electric two and three-wheelers. By FY 2023, the automaker aims to deploy over 20,000 vehicles across the country. Log 9 has already performed pilot runs across India, but is looking to tap into other markets like South East Asia as well.

Akshay Singhal, founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials, said, In the current scenario, 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler EVs in our country need an average charging time of 4-5 hours, leading to significant downtime which in turn affects consumer sentiment adversely; especially in the commercial segment wherein downtime directly impacts revenues. This is exactly where we at Log 9 are stepping in to solve the problem and/or bridge the gaps. We are presenting an optimized solution for intracity 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers through our latest supercapacitor-based battery technology, which enables EVs to be charged in as low as 5 minutes. Apart from providing superfast charging for EVs, Log 9’s battery packs will also be superior in terms of range and power density, and will be positioned as a highly cost-effective solution. We have identified suitable partners (including OEMs and fleet operators) for both 3-Wheeler and 2Wheeler integrations of our battery technology into their vehicles, and our commercial pilots have already started which will run over the next 3-4 months.

Posted: Mar 04,2021 by Roni Peleg