Martinrea wins automotive industry award for graphene-enhanced brake lines

Martinrea International, a global automotive supplier of value-added lightweight structures and propulsion systems (that has a collaboration with NanoXplore), was named a 2022 Automotive News PACE Award winner at the awards ceremony on September 19. 

Martinrea was recognized for its brake lines with GrapheneGuard, which is said to be the first use of graphene in an automotive brake line application. Martinrea recognized the potential of graphene and developed the revolutionary GrapheneGuard coating technology which incorporates graphene into nylon. The development of GrapheneGuard is a convergence of material science innovation and process engineering that brings to the automotive market a brake line coating that reportedly has unmatched properties. The material can provide up to 25 percent weight savings while simultaneously demonstrating superior strength, greater abrasion protection, and improved chemical resistance, all while utilizing current manufacturing equipment and processes.

“Being recognized as a PACE Award winner among the top innovations in the automotive industry is a testament to both our commitment to developing innovative solutions and to graphene’s ability to address key challenges in the automotive industry,” said Pat D’Eramo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Martinrea. “With the proven potential to reduce weight while delivering enhanced performance, we are also exploring opportunities to improve other automotive components through graphene-enhanced products.”

Posted: Sep 21,2022 by Roni Peleg