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MITO Materials Solutions logo imageMITO Material Solutions is a U.S-based nano-additive solutions provider. Its proprietary graphene functionalization technique allows it to make hybrid polymer modifiers for use in all industries.

MITO's initial offering of hybridized Graphene Oxide and an Epoxide POSS (named “E-GO”) allows fiber reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic consumers to boost product performance anywhere between 20-135% beyond normal performance, allowing increased part durability and weight to be shed.

In January 2018, MITO Material Solutions was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant of $224,988 to develop a graphene oxide-based nano-additive that doubles the interlaminar toughness of composite materials utilized in aerospace, recreation, and automotive industries.

In September 2019, Graphene-Info conducted a fascinating interview with MITO's CEO, Haley Marie Keith, touching on the Company's activities, status and plans for the future.

In September 2020, MITO Material Solutions announced an oversubscribed $1 Million Series Seed funding round led by two Chicago-based firms, Dipalo Ventures and Clean Energy Trust.

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