Mito Materials launches graphene additives for composites

U.S-based specialty chemical company, Mito Material Solutions, recently announced its first ready-to-pour graphene product. In partnership with industrial coatings manufacturer Forrest Technical Coatings, Mito has harnessed its patented technology platform for the production of functionalized graphene into ready-to-pour hybrid additives with chemical and physical bonding points.

The first two available ready-to-pour products are Mito E-Go Res-1, a laminating epoxy resin, and Mito Tri-Hdnr-1, an epoxy hardener. The ready-made products may be used separately but their formulas are optimized to work together.


“The Mito Res-1 and Tri-Hdnr offering is another example of Mito’s commitment to lower barriers to entry for manufacturers who want to see what functionalized graphene can do in their products,” Haley Marie Keith, CEO and co-founder of Mito, says. “I am excited to see what this partnership with Forrest will enable other manufacturers to create. The possibilities with graphene are limitless, but this new product line gives the power of engineering back to the manufacturers to build anything from stronger and lighter boats to snowboards to bikes and more.”

Current Mito client, Folsom Skis, first suggested Mito partner with sports industry formulator Forrest Technical Coatings to make E-Go available in the resin to simplify adoption from a production perspective. Armed with that suggestion and the introduction to Forrest, Mito and Forrest teamed up in creating a ready-to-pour resin mix based off Forrest’s most popular SKUs for sports industry companies using compression molding manufacturing techniques for products. E-Go is pre-mixed in an approximate 1-to-1000 ratio to Forrest’s polymer with the goal of simplifying the complexity of process adoption.

According to Mito, its products give fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics lab-verified improvements in strength, durability, flexibility, functionality and sustainability. Mito states that customers have the assurance that E-Go has passed rigorous audits and third-party testing to ensure product consistency and quality at commercial scale.

Posted: Apr 10,2023 by Roni Peleg