NanoAffix Science

NanoAffix Science logo imageNanoAffix Science is a spin-off small business formed around exclusively licensed patented technologies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Research Foundation.

Its mission is "Inventing the future of sensing cleaner, smarter, digital water". The company received equity investments from three water manufacturing companies (A. O. Smith, Badger Meter, and Baker Manufacturing) to prototype real-time water sensor chips using a graphene transistor technology.

The NanoAffix patent-pending technology allows real-time detection (no sample preparation) of deadly contaminants with unprecedented sensitivity and specificity in field settings (outside a central laboratory facility) for single point testing (e.g., handheld device like glucose testing at home) or in-line continuous flow testing (e.g., integration into the existing water equipment like meters and filters). The sensor signals can be further connected to a central control station through wireless communications so that the health status of the entire water distribution system could be monitored remotely in real time. The envisioned intelligent water distribution system can significantly mitigate risks and ensure a clean and safe water supply.

NanoAffix Science has developed a prototype handheld device for real-time, in situ detection of lead ions in drinking water. The handheld device is based on a novel, micro-sized electronic sensor platform that outperforms existing water testing methods and is simple to implement, eliminating many of the disadvantages associated with current practices.

Company Address

1225 Discovery Pkwy, Room 220
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
United States