NanoGraphene and Solar Quartz Technologies to work together on graphene-enhanced solar products

NanoGraphene logoNanoGraphene has teamed up with Solar Quartz to develop graphene-enhanced solar industry products and new applications. The two companies aim to enhance the generating potential of solar panels to above 40%.

The partners plan to utilize their extensive experience and knowledge of high purity quartz and solar-grade silicon production industries together to develop new graphene-enhanced solar grade materials, applications and products with remarkable new attributes.

The intent of the Joint Venture is to initiate development of the exciting new combination materials of graphene and silicon not presently in existence. The NGI and GSTX JV provides for establishing a jointly-located research and development facility to also develop graphene-enabled high-end electronics grade materials utilizing GSTX’s long experience in the field of producing electronic grade high purity quartz sand and solar-grade silicon for solar cells.

Posted: Nov 02,2019 by Roni Peleg