Nanomatrix Materials launches graphene-based AC filters for protection against airborne virus, bacteria and other harmful materials

India-based startup Nanomatrix Materials has introduced a new product range of G1 AC Filters for air conditioners, that uses graphene-silver nanotechnology to purify in-room air and sterilize 99% of airborne microbes. The system also, according to the Company, filtrates dust particles and reduces harmful VOC/gases. The product is meant to convert conventional air conditioners into air purifiers.

Nanomatrix Materials develops graphene AC filters image

This new technology, the Company shares, can be used in any existing centralized HVAC system, AHUs or FCUs for crowded place like airports, malls, schools, hospitals where there is higher risk of contamination.

Speaking at the product launch, Nanomatrix Materials founder Vikas Bardiya said: "After studying about the covid-19 virus and other communicable diseases caused due to microorganisms, we can briefly conclude graphene is the shield for most airborne pathogens. In most cases, indoor air quality index is more disturbing than outside, due to closed or poor ventilation. After the successful launch of our G1 Wonder Masks which are for personal use, now G1 AC Filters is another addition to our 3600 protection drive that protects your surroundings. graphene-silver nanotechnology membrane inside developed by Nanomatrix Materials is proven to destroy airborne diseases causing virus &’s along with filtering harmful gases and VOCs present in the atmosphere. This costs 10x cheaper than air purifiers and provides you protection on the go. G1 AC Filters has gone through the tests from the independent certified laboratories before getting launched in the market".
Posted: Jun 28,2021 by Roni Peleg