Nanotech Energy announces its graphene-based batteries are available for pre-order

It was recently announced that Nanotech Energy is offering its graphene-based 18650 cells for pre-order through its commercialization partner, Voltaplex.

The cells bring together Nanotech Energy's electrolyte and proprietary electrodes with Soteria metallized polymer current collectors to create a major advancement in battery technology. The result, as per the Company, is a 100% American-made non-flammable lithium-ion battery pack that has shown its strength and flexibility survived a remarkable abuse trial.


The cells, available on the Voltaplex website, are suitable for e-bikes, robotics, medical and military applications. They are manufactured exclusively in Nanotech Energy's new 50,000ft2 Chico 2 Production Plant In Chico, CA.

Kurtis Collar, chief sales and marketing officer of NanoTech Energy, said: “Every month in 2023, we have read about the devastating impact of massive fires caused by cheap, dangerous batteries, destroying their homes, their businesses and even That their houses have also been destroyed.” lives. Today, we say enough is enough.”

Brian Morin, CEO of Voltaplex and Soteria, “It is a privilege to work with Nanotech's talented team to help develop this groundbreaking American-made battery cell. Nanotech's non-flammable electrolyte combines with Soteria's current collector Adding what works like a fuse inside the battery provides a unique combination of protection in a cell that can take tremendous damage without igniting. Over 100 companies have already pre-ordered the cell, we “Look forward to working with the industry to implement this new level of protection.”

Earlier this month, Nanotech Energy announced that its graphene-based battery cells will go into full production in early 2024 at its new 150MW manufacturing facility Chico 2.

Posted: Dec 30,2023 by Roni Peleg