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Nanotech Energy logo imageNanotech Energy is a U.S-based supplier of graphene and graphene oxide materials and inks, and is developing graphene-enhanced batteries and microscopic supercapacitors for smartphones and biomedical devices.

Nanotech Energy was formed in 2014 to move research on graphene supercapacitors from the laboratory to the marketplace. Under a licensing agreement with UCLA, Nanotech is scaling up production of Laser Scribed Graphene (LSG) supercapacitors and micro-supercapacitors for real world applications. Prototypes have reportedly already been created and an operational factory is in development. Nanotech Energy’s proprietary process is based on patent and patent-pending technology.

Nanotech Energy's goals are to allow recharging of devices to be measured in seconds instead of hours, to recapture lost energy on a large scale, from wind, solar and wave systems, to produce a product that doesn’t leak or degrade with time and to have a significant social impact and create stakeholder value.

The company is involved with Fisker's new EV project, developing a graphene-enhanced battery/supercapacitor. However, the first line of Fisker's car (at least) was declared to not employ graphene in its energy mechanisms, despite initial reports.

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12100 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 800
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