Nanotech Energy in search of new US brownfield gigafactory site

U.S-based graphene batteries developer Nanotech Energy has stated its intention to secure a new US brownfield gigafactory site early in 2024 that will accelerate its commercialization of graphene-based non-flammable lithium-ion batteries.

The announcement follows Nanotech Energy's successful sale of its Reno, NV, site and represents the Company's ambition to satisfy increased customer demand. It plans to use the site for an up to 6GWh-per-year plant, marking the next step in its journey to bring US-made fast charging, high energy density and inherently safe batteries to market. The Company hopes the new gigafactory will be operational in 2025.


A senior leadership team at Nanotech Energy is now engaged in discussions with several US states. As part of an extensive analysis stage, the team is actively characterizing each state's offering before making a final decision on which site to secure. Each site's potential labor pool, power provisions, and wider incentives are being explored in detail.

Curtis Collar, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Nanotech Energy, said: "For too long, the US has relied on other countries for battery manufacturing. As we finalize this decision over the coming weeks, we will take a significant step forward in the journey to bring production of the world's most advanced graphene-based batteries to our great country – with all the jobs, economic benefits, and security advantages that entails. We look forward to revealing our choice soon and ramping up activity on the site in 2025."

Posted: Nov 23,2023 by Roni Peleg