NematiQ announces commercial-scale graphene membrane milestone achievement

NematiQ, an Australia-based developer of graphene oxide (GO) membranes for water treatment applications, has reported commercial-scale manufacture of an innovative graphene membrane.

Over the last five years, NematiQ has developed a patented, layer-by-layer methodology to produce the graphene membrane. NematiQ has achieved a milestone by producing more than 1,000 meters worth of 1,000-millimetre-wide flat sheet graphene membrane, at speed, on an industrial roll-to-roll coating machine, showcasing its ability to manufacture graphene membrane at a commercial scale.

NematiQ’s graphene membranes will be converted into spiral-wound cartridges that can be incorporated into demonstration plants — the final step before commercial sales of the membranes can begin.

Essentially, graphene membranes are designed to remove bacteria, virus and dissolved organic compounds without removing the salts.

Some of the benefits of the graphene membrane include less energy use, high water recovery and less by-product.

Graphene membranes also have anti-fouling properties and so use considerably less chemicals to clean than the commonly used polymeric membranes.

NematiQ announced that a demonstration of the graphene membrane technology is underway using 1812 cartridge systems in different potential treatment plants around Australia, which provide information on the suitability of the membrane for the application.

A demonstration plant using 4040 and 8040 cartridges is expected to begin in May 2022.

Further production runs of the graphene membrane are scheduled to occur in April and June 2022.

Once the pilots are concluded, NematiQ will commence marketing and sales of its membranes.

Posted: Mar 14,2022 by Roni Peleg