New 3D printed graphene supercapacitors by Swinburne researchers

Scientists from Swinburne University in Australia have reportedly developed a new supercapacitor made from 3D printed graphene which can hold a larger charge of energy, is recharged in a matter of seconds and will last a very long time.

The supercapacitor is said to be extremely efficient, as it charges in a matter of seconds and holds a larger charge because it consists of multiple sheets of graphene creating a very large surface area to store energy on. What’s more, charging and discharging won’t degrade the battery’s quality, so they can last a very long time. These remarkable supercapacitors were first presented at Fresh Science Victoria 2016 earlier this year.

In addition, the supercapacitors are also affordable. While graphene has interested battery manufacturers for years, it was always deemed too expensive to produce. 3D printing, however, significantly reduces those production costs, while the extremely long lifespans of the batteries further contribute to lowering total costs. Graphene sheets are also very strong and flexible, and can therefore also be used to develop extremely flexible and thin batteries that could be built into wearable clothing and other personal accessories.

Posted: Jul 31,2016 by Roni Peleg