New graphene-enhanced asphalt installation in Chelmsford, Essex

Earlier this month, Iterchimica and Jean Lefebvre (UK) installed a Gipave modified HRA (Hot Rolled Asphalt) 35/14 Surface Course in Chelmsford, Essex. Gipave is a graphene-enhanced polymer additive, which due to its thermal management properties, makes the asphalt less susceptible to hardening and cracking in cold temperatures, as well as to softening and deforming in high temperatures.

This is the latest in a long line of graphene-enhanced construction materials projects. This field shows tremendous potential with many ongoing tests and projects, and no doubt many more to come. Learn more by reading Graphene-Info's Graphene Construction Materials report! 

The project included site handling by EssexHighways and RingwayJacobs and installation by Eurovia.


Posted: Aug 29,2022 by Roni Peleg