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Nitronix logo imageNitronix Nanotechnology is an advanced materials supplier. Nitronix states that it has a unique, large-scale production capability in large-sized, minimal-layer graphene nanosheets. Nitronix is a privately-held corporation, founded by a group of scientists and specialists in the field of nano- and two-dimensional materials. Nitronix was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

Nitronix currently manufactures and sells graphene nanosheets and graphene-based compounds, and is also developing other advanced materials based on the company’s unique graphene nanosheet production technology.

Nitronix aims to help its clients:

  • Evaluate and select the optimum 2D materials
  • Develop and create Graphene-enabled products and applications
  • Bridge the industrial gap between innovation and real-world applications
  • Facilitate the commercialization process via local sales and technical support
  • Enhance innovation and competitiveness in the emerging graphene revolution
Company Address

86-1, Cheng Tien Road
New Taipei City, TPE 23674