PEN Inc. (PENC) is a U.S-based company that deals with developing, commercializing, and marketing enhanced performance products enabled by nanotechnology that solve everyday problems for customers in the optical, transportation, military, sports, and safety industries.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Nanofilm Ltd., the Company develops, manufactures and sells products based on nanotechnology including its Ultra Clarity® brand eyeglass cleaner and Defog It™ brand defogging products.

The Company's Applied Nanotech, Inc. subsidiary in Austin, Texas functions as the Design Center conducting research and development services for government and private customers and new product development for PEN focusing on innovative and advanced product solutions in the areas of safety, health, and sustainability. The Company also sells its environmentally friendly HALO brand surface protector, fortifier, and cleaner through its wholly-owned subsidiary, PEN Technology, LLC.

Company Address

431 Fairway Dr., Suite 200
Deerfield Beach, FL 1
United States