Perpetuus launches graphene-based inks and graphene ITO alternative coating

Last month we reported that UK-based Perpetuus Carbon Technologies entered the graphene supply market and will soon start producing graphene materials (GNPs) in its new 100 annual-ton factory. Today Perpetuus launched two new graphene based products (developed in collaboration with Gwent Electronics Group).

The first is a graphene based ink that features a resistance below one ohm per square centimeter. Perpetuus says this is the most conductive graphene enabled ink in the world, and they are already able to immediately deliver single kilogram batches for R&D and manufacturing optimization. The company will be able to offer ton quantities later on. Perpetuus' inks are available in formulations for ink jet, flexographic printing and sensors technologies.

The second product is an ITO alternative polymer coating that includes nano surface-engineered graphene. The material is flexible, conductive, cheap and can be produced in commercial quantities. Perpetuus’ material has a bending radius of 5-10mm, which makes it ideal for current roll up, roll out manufacturing processes.

Posted: Mar 26,2014 by Ron Mertens