Premier Graphene announces positive test results on its graphene-enhanced concrete, enters JV with Clear Asset Holdings

Premier Graphene, a global advanced materials company with a focus on research, production and marketing of eco-friendly graphene, has announced achievements in the integration of graphene with construction materials.  

According to the Company, recent in-house studies have showcased the high quality of graphene-enhanced hydraulic concrete. The findings reportedly point to an unparalleled improvement in the cement’s performance, leading to products of superior quality concrete. This graphene-infused cement exhibits enhanced resistance and strength, alongside quicker drying times, which collectively contribute to considerable cost savings on large-scale construction projects.


Licensed Structural Engineer and CEO of “ESTRUCTURAS DUARTE” and a long-standing member of the Baja California Structural Engineers Guild, Oskar Duarte, states: “This product is amazing; it will revolutionize the cement and construction Industry. Not only does it reduce the time it takes to dry, but it’s making it stronger in only 14 days. We can’t wait for final results in 2 weeks.”

Preliminary tests conducted over a 14-day period have yielded promising results, with a final report due in 12 days. Premier Graphene’s team is confident the forthcoming data will further affirm the exceptional benefits of incorporating graphene into concrete and other construction materials.

Engineer Ramiro Romero, owner of the B.C. testing facility for hydraulic concrete testing, states, “We are amazed at the qualities of graphene. We have begun testing with asphalt and metal alloys, and we are expecting amazing results. Next, we will test with steel.”

Premier Graphene’s innovative approach extends beyond concrete, with ongoing tests involving asphalt for road construction, aluminum for specialized instruments, and steel. These efforts aim to uncover additional applications of graphene that could dramatically increase the durability, efficiency, and sustainability of construction materials.

Premier Graphene also announced a joint venture with Clear Asset Holdings, a Houston, Texas-based start-up cement manufacturing outfit run by retired British Petroleum V.P. Drew Sickinger. This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in bringing graphene-enhanced materials to a broader market, combining Premier Graphene’s cutting-edge technology with Clear Asset Holdings’ manufacturing prowess.

“Our planet’s health is under attack, and carbon is its problem. It’s critical that we look at the primary drivers and reduce their carbon production for our children’s future,” states Clear Asset Holdings CEO, Drew Sickinger.

Encouraged by positive test outcomes, Premier Graphene is poised to move forward with land development deals in the State of Mexico and major infrastructure initiatives, notably the federal highway project linking Mexicali and Tijuana in Baja California. Final test results are awaited as they will inform the scope and direction of these ambitious projects.

“I believe Premier Graphene will lead the way with this new breakthrough. We plan on attacking the carbon footprint left behind by the construction industry, while at the same time offering a solution that will be cost-effective in construction projects with great savings to the concrete companies. I’m feeling very optimistic that we are helping future generations,” states President Pedro Mendez.

Posted: Apr 19,2024 by Roni Peleg