Primary Dispersions

Primary Dispersions seems to no longer be in business. It was founded in 2008 as a spin-out from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). Primary Dispersions Limited (PDL) has developed an advanced and disruptive milling technology (‘ConCor') in collaboration with their technology partners, Maelstrom Advanced Process Technology (Maelstrom APT).

PDL have recently moved into state-of-the art laboratory/production facilities in the Innovation Accelerator at Wilton Centre on Teesside. From within these ultra-modern facilities PDL can offer:

  • Customised development of nanoparticulate dispersions and ultra-stable emulsions.
  • Toll manufacturing of materials to customers' specification.
  • Licensing of patented ConCor technology and process know-how.

One of the key technical barriers to the large scale commercial uptake of nanomaterials is the lack of a process technology capable of creating long term stable dispersions at the 1-10nm level. ConCor technology addresses these problems, by providing unprecedented levels of localised shear to disrupt agglomeration and initiate stability. This will help to unlock the full potential of these exciting materials and markets.


In December 2015, PDL has formed a group to commercialize specialist graphene based epoxy resins for the aerospace industry.

Company Address

The Centre for Process Innovation Wilton Centre
TS10 4RF
United Kingdom