A project for the development of a GO-based membrane secures $2.9 million funding from DoE

The Department of Energy (DoE) has selected six projects that seek to make carbon capture technology more affordable and reliable for use in coal-fired power plants to receive $17.3 million in federal funding. Among the project is one graphene project.

The Institute of Gas and Technology has been awarded $2.9 million to develop a transformational graphene oxide-based membrane process for post-combustion carbon capture. The project has also secured $750,052 in non-federal funding.

The other 5 projects include the development of a novel biphasic solvent-enabled absorption process for post-combustion carbon capture, development of composite membranes that improve carbon capture performance by replacing conventional porous supports with novel isoporous supports, development of mixed-salt-based solvent technology that makes carbon capture systems operate more affordably, creation of a process that uses decoupling absorber kinetics and solvent regeneration through membrane dewatering and column heat transfer to reduce the capital and operational costs of carbon capture and development of solvent aerosol emission mitigation technologies that reduce flue gas aerosol concentrations in solvent-based, post-combustion carbon capture systems.

Posted: Feb 27,2018 by Roni Peleg