Qurv Technologies wins "Best Imaging Technology" award at SEMI's Technology Unites Global Summit

Qurv Technologies logo imageQurv Technologies, a Spain-based startup developing wide-spectrum image sensors based on graphene and quantum-dot technologies, has won the Imaging Sensors Technology Showcase at the Technology Unites Global Summit.

The Qurv wide-spectrum image sensor was recognized as the best imaging technology. The selection of winners (Infineon Technologies also won an award for its environmental sensor as the leading MEMS technology) was made from five finalists in each category in a vote by a committee of industry experts.

Qurv developed wide spectrum image sensors that capture information hidden by ambient light interference or information not available in the visible light spectrum for next-gen computer vision applications. Qurv's technology leverages current CMOS scalable manufacturing and advanced materials to unlock new levels of performance, reliability and function. All Qurv image sensors are designed with AI and machine perception in mind.

Posted: Feb 23,2021 by Roni Peleg