Raymor secures over $2 million to develop graphene-enhanced li-ion batteries

Raymor Industries recently reported that it secured a $2.3 million (2.9 million CAD) grant from the Canadian government to integrate graphene into lithium-ion batteries. Raymor also manufactures carbon nanotubes for the electronics industry, and its subsidiary NanoIntegris last year launched PureWave Graphene, a substrate-free graphene grown in a plasma reactor, whose specifications are said to approach those of CVD single-layer graphene.

The $2.3 million in Sustainable Development Technology Canada funding will help the company accelerate its research and development efforts on the project, which has the potential to create batteries that perform better and last longer.

Few details about the new battery technology were released, but along with improved capacity and lower costs, Raymor said the integration of graphene would also lead to decreased life cycle emissions by reducing the amount of CO2 produced during the manufacturing process.

Posted: Nov 13,2017 by Roni Peleg