Reebok announces a new clothing line enhanced with graphene

Reebok launched a new apparel collection, called Thermowarm+Graphene, that uses graphene to help retain heat. Reebok says that by printing graphene on the internal side of the clothing, it helps to retain between 8% and 15% more heat than areas without graphene (that depends on the base fabric the graphene is printed on).

Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene cotton fleece hoodie photo

The new collection includes hoodies, jackets and pants. The collection is now available globally on Reebok's online store, with prices ranging from $70 to $140 USD. Reebok plans to release more options in the collection in the future.

Reebok says that this is the first "commercially-priced use of graphene in sportswear". We have actually seen several sportwear that use graphene (here's one nice example), but this could be one of the first major adoptions by a global brand.

Posted: Oct 18,2021 by Ron Mertens