SafeLi logo imageSafeLi LLC was founded on December 15, 2016 by Drs. Carol Hirschmugl and Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

As a university-incubated startup, with co-founders who are also co-inventors of the foundational patent US Patent 9,236,633 “Synthesis and Applications of Graphene-based Nanomaterials”, SafeLi has secured an exclusive royalty-bearing, worldwide license to develop and commercialize product(s) covered by the licensed patent in all fields of use, with initial focus on Lithium Ion Batteries.

SafeLi develops lithium-ion battery parts made from a unique material called graphene monoxide. Their material is said to dramatically boost the energy storage capacity of li-ion batteries.

Company Address: 
North Oakland Avenue 10
Shorewood, WI 53211
United States