SensFit Technologies partners with Footwork Podiatric Laboratory to develop graphene-enhanced smart orthotics

SensFit Technologies developed a smart shoe with inbuilt sensors, aiming to improve the quality of life of older people through the early detection of dementia, diabetic ulcers and other physical activity issues. Now, SensFit has announced that it is partnering with Footwork Podiatric Laboratory, a leading Australian custom-made orthotic manufacturer to develop Smart Orthotics to help diabetic ulcer treatment.

SensFit Technologies partners with Footwork Podiatric Laboratory on graphene-enhanced smart orthotics image

This product combines two innovative technologies: Sensfit’s unique graphene sensors integrated with AI and data analysis technology, combined with Footwork’s 3D printing technology to custom manufacture large volume orthotics.

Sensfit’s technology includes cutting edge sensors in a smart shoe or sole that pick up the patterns of movement, pressure and distribution, and discrete characteristics as clinical biomarkers, allowing accurate identification of disease as well as monitoring and reporting the progression of the disease. Sensfit’s proprietary AI algorithms analyze the data, helping users to understand and respond to the onset of health problems. This can lead to early treatment either therapy or medication - for conditions that may not have been detected otherwise.

The smart orthotics will utilize Footwork’s fully-functional proprietary design software and best-in-class 3D printing technology and materials, that deliver a new benchmark in smart orthotic manufacturing globally.

This technology has an easy-to-use interface that visualizes issues through real-time data capture. It includes the ability to stay connected and on the move with the convenience of wireless charging, Wi-Fi connection and cloud-based technology.

Posted: May 24,2022 by Roni Peleg