Silca launches new bicycle chain lubricant, made with graphene by Versarien

Silca, producer of bicycle accessories, has launched a graphene-based chain lubricant, Hot Wax X. Silca claims it ‘runs roughly 0.5 watts faster’ than their original Secret Chain Blend hot-melt wax, and that it can extend the chain life to 30,000km. The new lubricant comes at quite a high price of £220 per 300g tin. 

Silca previously made waves with its Secret Blend Hot Chain Wax, which gained the reputation of 'the fastest lubricant in the world'. Now, Silca found Nanene (by Versarien, which owns the Nanene brand), a commercial type of graphene, to further improve its product.

Using Nanene as its key ingredient, Silca claims that the Hot Wax X can save the rider up to 12 watts, but the brand has not said what this is in comparison to.

With many high-quality lubricants needing regular application, the Hot Wax X is said to last up to 800km between applications.

Posted: Nov 23,2022 by Roni Peleg