Skeleton Technologies announces agreement with ZPUE to provide supercapacitors to the Polish market

Skeleton Technologies and ZPUE, the largest manufacturer of electrical devices for electrical power distribution utilities in Poland, have entered into a commercial agreement to provide energy storage solutions to the Polish market.

The two companies signed a Letter of Intent under which Skeleton should supply supercapacitors for rail wayside storage at 200 MW per year from 2023 to 2025.

These systems allow to capture energy during braking of a train and provide energy during acceleration. Skeleton should also supply 160 MW of storage for grid stability applications between 2023-2025.

As a starting point of the cooperation, these opportunities represent more than €30 million of commercial value.

The two companies envision numerous synergies as Skeleton's expertise in energy storage and leading position in transport and grid applications complements ZPUE's profile as a full-service company and the Polish market leader in the power generation sector, opening up opportunities for significant growth in the years to come.

In addition to the Polish market, Skeleton and ZPUE are looking at opportunities in Northern Europe, a market both companies are already active in.

Tony Moberg, Sales Director of Skeleton Technologies, said: Skeleton is well positioned to help Poland meet its climate goals and Polish companies save energy as the performance of our products is unprecedented in the energy storage sector. Partnering with a Polish leader such as ZPUE was an obvious fit for us as our two companies share a common innovative mindset and willingness to be vertically integrated. Taking these next steps together will make both of us stronger and will increase Skeleton’s footprint in the Polish market".

Posted: May 13,2022 by Roni Peleg