Skeleton Technologies announces new supercapacitor plant near Leipzig

Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies has announced that it is building Europe’s largest supercapacitor production facility in Saxony with the support of Siemens. Skeleton Technologies is investing 220 million euros in the new production facility in Markranstädt, near Leipzig in Saxony.

According to the company, 100 million euros will be invested in production and 120 million euros in development and research as well as in a future ramp-up of production. In the future, 12 million supercapacitors are to be manufactured annually in Markranstädt. The start of production is planned for 2024.

Siemens will play an active role in establishing the new location, Skeleton added. The cooperation is designed for the long term, and together the two companies want to push ahead with next-generation supercapacitor production. The exact nature of this "next generation" wasn't made clear, but we assume it will be based on Skeleton’s Curved Graphene materials to achieve a higher power density.

For Skeleton Technologies, Markranstädt will be the second production site in Saxony: the Estonian company’s first plant is located in Großröhrsdorf.

Posted: Jul 20,2022 by Ron Mertens