Sparc Technologies

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Sparc Technologies company logo imageSparc Technologies (ASX:SPN) is a South Australian based company that is focusing on the development of innovative technology solutions using graphene.

Sparc Technologies has licensed graphene-based technologies from the University of Adelaide and will focus on commercializing graphene-based technologies for large industrial markets for marine and protective coatings and environmental remediation.

Sparc's main focus areas at the moment are: coatings, water purification and soil remediation, and separating metals from mining tailings. Sparc has a major coatings project at the moment and are in the early stages of a biosensor project.

In the environmental/ water purification field, Sparc will attempt to separate oils/hazardous chemicals and PFAS particularly around old mining sites etc. In addition, it will also work in the precious metals from tailings section - separating gold/silver etc. from the bulk/ uneconomic- mining rock.

Sparc was listed on the ASX on the 23rd of November 2020 as ASX:SPN.

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51 Rundle Street
Kent Town SA 5067