Sparc Technologies sets out to become a significant developer of graphene products

Sparc Technologies recently announced the acquisition of Australian company Graphene Technology Solutions (GTS), as well as its plan to become a significant developer of graphene-based products that will disrupt and transform industrial markets. With its ASX new ticker code ‘SPN’, Sparc is expected to have an enterprise value of AUD$8 million (around USD$5.8 million).

The company intends to leverage its exclusive research collaborations to develop and commercialize graphene technologies with its sights set on three initial target markets marine and protective coatings, environmental remediation, and metals recovery from tailings.

Through its acquisition of GTS as a wholly-owned subsidiary, Sparc already has a strategic partnership and exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Adelaide, which is ranked as the principal member of the Australian Research Council’s Graphene Hub.

Under the licensing deal, the company is currently licensing three technologies under patent applications related to marine and protective coatings, water purification and soil remediation, and sound adsorption.

The strategic relationship includes the university taking an approximate 5% stake in Sparc.

Under its partnership with the University of Adelaide, the company plans to commercialize functional graphene for broad commercial applications with a particular focus on oil spills and the containment and destruction of per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS), a group of man-made chemicals used since the 1940s that don’t breakdown substantially over time and have even been known to cause cancer.

Not only containing PFAS but destroying it in an economic manner will be a game changer, Sparc said in its prospectus.

Graphene can also be used to separate specific metals from tailings dams and waste ore on mine sites. Sparc plans to partner with mining companies to develop precious metals extraction solutions with the added environmental benefit of removing metals from soils and local waterways.

Sparc’s forward plan also comprises building its technical and commercial team, and commercializing graphene projects following the results of research and development. This could include developing industry partnerships, offtake agreements or technology licensing deals, as well as the ongoing marketing of graphene additive products.

Posted: Nov 16,2020 by Roni Peleg