GS International to supply graphite to Norway's Graphene Batteries

UK's GS International (GSI) says that they have been chosen to be the graphite supplier for Norway's Graphene Batteries, a startup that develops graphene-based Li-Ion battery electrodes.

Graphene Batteries reportedly tested over 50 types of graphite before choosing GSI's graphite. GSI is offering high quality natural graphite at $16,000 per ton. GS International, together with the RS Group also aims to become a research partner to Graphene Batteries. The GS Group and GSI also plans to scale-up Graphene Oxide production soon.

In August 2013, Graphene Batteries signed a joint-IP development agreement with CVD Equipment to develop a binder-less graphene-based lithium battery electrodes and related novel battery designs. The two companies call the new technology NanotoMacro.

Posted: Feb 21,2014 by Ron Mertens