Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company announced that they have signed a solar energy generation and large scale battery storage project in Delaware. The total size of the project is 484kW with both Solar Photovoltaics and 600kW/300kWh Battery Storage for 3 fire stations.

The project is meant to start immediately as Sunvault has existing inventory of solar panels to begin project design and construction. The Company plans to utilize the Sunvault / Edison Graphene Electrical Energy Storage device (EESD) as the "battery" component within the projects, further demonstrating the technology in actual field.

The project is a 100% owned project and will produce an EBITDA of approx $250,000 per year for the expected 20 year project life cycle.



Is it battery stroage or ultracapacitor?

Are the press releases getting loose with the language or what? I read they were making ultracapacitors not batteries.


These two companies announced last year that they would produce and market an EV powered by graphene enhanced batteries and ultracapacitors. Neither company has produced the goods, prompting one to question their capacity to do so. Both companies should be asked to provide an explanation.