Sunvault Energy and Edison Power sign solar and energy storage projects in Delaware

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company announced that they have signed a solar energy generation and large scale battery storage project in Delaware. The total size of the project is 484kW with both Solar Photovoltaics and 600kW/300kWh Battery Storage for 3 fire stations.

The project is meant to start immediately as Sunvault has existing inventory of solar panels to begin project design and construction. The Company plans to utilize the Sunvault / Edison Graphene Electrical Energy Storage device (EESD) as the "battery" component within the projects, further demonstrating the technology in actual field.

The project is a 100% owned project and will produce an EBITDA of approx $250,000 per year for the expected 20 year project life cycle.

Posted: Mar 01,2016 by Roni Peleg